About Me

Me, Elisha

Me, Elisha

My name is Elisha Rosden and I’m a Robocitan.

To be a Robocitan means many different things, from living a good lifestyle and respect life in all its forms, to try to forgive and move on each day.

But that’s not all about me.

I’m an artist, a book lover and a poetry writer.

You will see more of those 3 sides of me in this blog.

I don’t stand out and I’m generally shy, unless you earn my complete trust. But that’s okay, my heart is always open, so earning my trust shouldn’t be too hard, unless you do or say something really outrageous (and that’s rare).

I love Korean dramas and language, but don’t ask me to write in Korean. I’m not a good language learner, even though I try hard.

You asked for my age, didn’t you? A lady never tells, but I’ll make an exception for you– I’m a 1996 baby. Do the math. 😉


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