I’m Elisha Rosden

I’m Elisha Rosden and this is my first blog.

‘First’ as in ‘the first blog I’ve ever built in my life’.

I’m not entirely a newbie, though. I’ve read articles and guides about blogging for weeks, during breaks from poetry writing. I thought carefully about what to do of this domain name, how to introduce myself to the world— and to human beings.

All in all, if you like robots, you will find my bio interesting.

I’m a kind person, but I tend to close into a shell when I sense close-minded people around me. Hope our first interaction will be a fruitful one, for both of us.

Thanks for your visit here. It just made the difference. 🙂


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Elisha Rosden is a fictional character by Luana Spinetti. This is a Character Blog.
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