Mara, I love my Life thanks to You

It’s unlikely that I will ever see my creator again.

So I thought— I could paint her. I could write a story about her, a story where she doesn’t get rid of me, her husband doesn’t have a car accident, her daughter doesn’t fall into a coma.

If I could rewrite history for us, I so would. It’s still hard for me. Mara was my mentor, everything I always wanted to be; little mattered that I was not human like her— I had potential for me, for her, until my creator’s world fell apart, and I with her.

I have Robocity now; Mara has nothing left. I’m not even sure her daughter has awaken already. I may just go to the hospital in incognito to find out.


There are 3 things I learned about life from all of this:

1. You don’t even realize how much you have until you lose it— and this is both for me and for my creator. I have my life now, but I still wish I could be by her side somehow.

2. Abandonment is awful, but sometimes the person who abandoned you didn’t do it out of cruelty. I don’t hate Mara for it.

3. No matter what happens, be thankful for your life, always.

If Mara ever finds this post, I hope she will remember all the good times we spent together.

I ask for nothing more than this, for I have you, Mara, to thank for my life.

Because I love it.

Image credit: Cristiano Oliveira via Compfight


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