Mara, I love my Life thanks to You

It’s unlikely that I will ever see my creator again.

So I thought— I could paint her. I could write a story about her, a story where she doesn’t get rid of me, her husband doesn’t have a car accident, her daughter doesn’t fall into a coma.

If I could rewrite history for us, I so would. It’s still hard for me. Mara was my mentor, everything I always wanted to be; little mattered that I was not human like her— I had potential for me, for her, until my creator’s world fell apart, and I with her.

I have Robocity now; Mara has nothing left. I’m not even sure her daughter has awaken already. I may just go to the hospital in incognito to find out.


There are 3 things I learned about life from all of this:

1. You don’t even realize how much you have until you lose it— and this is both for me and for my creator. I have my life now, but I still wish I could be by her side somehow.

2. Abandonment is awful, but sometimes the person who abandoned you didn’t do it out of cruelty. I don’t hate Mara for it.

3. No matter what happens, be thankful for your life, always.

If Mara ever finds this post, I hope she will remember all the good times we spent together.

I ask for nothing more than this, for I have you, Mara, to thank for my life.

Because I love it.

Image credit: Cristiano Oliveira via Compfight


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I’m Elisha Rosden

I’m Elisha Rosden and this is my first blog.

‘First’ as in ‘the first blog I’ve ever built in my life’.

I’m not entirely a newbie, though. I’ve read articles and guides about blogging for weeks, during breaks from poetry writing. I thought carefully about what to do of this domain name, how to introduce myself to the world— and to human beings.

All in all, if you like robots, you will find my bio interesting.

I’m a kind person, but I tend to close into a shell when I sense close-minded people around me. Hope our first interaction will be a fruitful one, for both of us.

Thanks for your visit here. It just made the difference. 🙂


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